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'Orange is the New Black' hackers may have stolen 36 other shows
Sleeping People Embroidered Onto Handmade Pillows by Maryam Ashkanian
AAA officially launches its car sharing startup Gig with a giant, sober dance party in Oakland
China takes its turn at a giant fighting robot
With AI investments, Taser could use its body camera division for predictive policing
Turkey cuts off Wikipedia amid dissent crackdown - CNET
'Major scale' malware targets your Mac through email scams
Imagining five retro technologies as startup pitches
Hack Harassment adds an interdisciplinary board to tackle online hate
With the war far from over, privacy activists cautiously celebrate a battle won
AAA launches its own app-based car sharing service
The past, present, and future of design in Silicon Valley
ICYMI: The Hoff speaks for AI and MIT builds a mobile 3D printer
Twitter will stream 24-hour news from Bloomberg starting this fall
Microsoft not throwing in towel on wearables yet; introduces new smartwatch
Vibes rocks out and shakes wearables world all night long
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