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Bill Gates: ‘Trump Twice Asked Me About The Difference Between HIV And HPV’
Adobe to acquire Magento for $1.68B
Mama Deadpool
Amazon is in talks to resurrect 'The Expanse'
Royal Wedding Fever
Google and Microsoft disclose new CPU flaw, and the fix can slow machines down
The Baptism
Comcast is leaking the names and passwords of customers’ wireless routers
Google, Microsoft find another Spectre, Meltdown flaw - CNET
Google Maps can replace the dull arrow with 3D car icons
Amazon reportedly in talks to save The Expanse - CNET
SpaceX rocket will make a pit stop 305 miles up to deploy NASA satellites before moving on
Instagram says ‘you’re all caught up’ in first time-well-spent feature
Sony shrinks its Digital Paper tablet down to a more manageable 10 inches
HTC website leaks new flagship phone
Epic Games will pump $100 million into Fortnite eSports competitions
Intel details fourth Spectre-style CPU security flaw
Google Photos adds likes and favorites with hearts and stars
Comcast gets into mesh Wi-Fi with xFi pods - CNET
R. Kelly is still doing just fine on Spotify
Proof the OnePlus 6 takes good photos - CNET
Drug could prevent memory loss in deep space astronauts
Sony's smaller, cheaper Digital Paper tablet reaches the US
Comcast’s mesh Wi-Fi system, xFi Pods, launches nationwide
Comcast is now selling mesh WiFi 'pods' to its internet customers
Trump reportedly ignores ‘inconvenient’ security rules to keep tweeting on his iPhone
Amazon to launch a new app store with tools for its two million sellers
Uizard raises funds for its AI that turns design mockups into source code
Genealogy database used to identify suspect in 1987 homicide - CNET
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