Top30News - most popular in social media for 07 October 2019
Mom Arrives From Other Room For Semi-Hourly Report On Game
PS4 Remote Play will fully support Android this week
A Swedish Art Collective Handcrafts 17,000 Unique Sculptures Signifying Refugee Youth at Risk of Deportation
Report: On Second Glance Guy On Bus Not Actually Stanley Tucci
Tesla will let you customize your car's horn and movement sounds
The Funniest Animals Pictures of 2019
Early Signs Of Heart Attack Mistaken For Runner’s High
California cracks down on political and pornographic deepfakes
Will a bigger home make you happier? Maybe, but design can help too
Forever 21 Declares Bankruptcy
Russian hackers modify Chrome and Firefox to track secure web traffic
These architectural sex toys critique New York City’s new skyscrapers
The 5 Worst Things Happening In Gaming Today
Spotify gains Siri support on iOS 13, arrives on Apple TV
Worried about the next recession? Here’s how to prepare your design business
5 Social Media Screw-Ups That Made The Powerful Look Stupid
Dominic Monaghan posts first look at his Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker character - CNET
Green roofs can make cities healthier and happier. Why aren’t they everywhere?
PlayStation 4 update delivers 16-player parties and Android Remote Play for all
The bonsai tree gets a high-tech, user-friendly redesign
Ritesh Agarwal to invest $700M in Oyo’s new $1.5B financing round
Sony A7R IV review: 61 megapixels of pure camera power
Spotify rolls out Siri support and new Apple TV app
Berlin’s Tier Mobility scoops up $60M as its scooter-based transportation service passes 10M rides
Siri can now play Spotify tracks on iOS 13
Amazon announces its first-ever Kindle for kids
iPadOS review: 50 percent more computer
Why Microsoft doesn't want you to call its phone a phone - CNET
The center of the Milky Way exploded 3.5 million years ago - CNET
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