Top30News - most popular in social media for 08 October 2018
Magpie Worried Mate Only Interested In Him For Collection Of Shiny Objects
Watch SpaceX attempt to land its Falcon 9 rocket on the California coast for the first time
A Gargantuan Purple Sea Monster Lurks Inside a Two-Story Warehouse at Philadelphia’s Navy Yard
Pope Francis Renounces Papacy After Falling In Love With Beautiful American Divorcee
Viral video of Russian woman bleaching manspreaders was anti-feminist propaganda
Dieter Rams wants Silicon Valley to stop
The Week In Pictures – Week Of October 8, 2018
Facebook launches Portal auto-zooming video chat screens for $199/$349
MIT’s new tool erases anything (or anyone) from old photos
One Take Wonders
Major UN report says climate change is worse than first thought
24 Times Long Exposures Resulted In Some Amazing Photography
Pumpkined Out
Sony patent hints at PlayStation 5 backward compatibility - CNET
This nightmarish attachment gives your phone a finger of its own
Defeating A Legend
Voyager 2 probe may be on the edge of interstellar space
This building’s giant sundial shows how much energy it’s making
7 Embarrassing Special FX Famous Actors Wish You'd Forget
Atomico leads $31M Series B in Varjo, the Finnish startup developing ‘human-eye resolution’ VR and XR
A Wind of Awareness with Lego
6 Outrageous Cons That Shouldn't Have Worked (But Did)
Intel announces its latest 9th-Gen chips, including its ‘best gaming processor’ Core i9
Olive oil gets a modernist makeover
LinkedIn acquires employee engagement platform Glint
Engineer Took 2 Years To Build This Near-Perfect Apple Park Replica From LEGO
Microsoft now faces a big Windows 10 quality test after botched update
31 Brilliant Reflection Photographs That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head
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