Top30News - most popular in social media for 08 November 2018
‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens
White House shares manipulated Infowars video to justify CNN press ban
Captivating Photographs of Storm Clouds by Camille Seaman Show Nature’s Power
Sessions: ‘I Am Proud To Have Served White America’
Samsung will put notches on its future phones
The Netherlands’ new train cars are nicer than your office
Beto Voter Struggling To Refocus Her Sexual Fantasies On Ted Cruz
Marvel's official Avengers 4 countdown clock is going forever - CNET
The hardest job in Silicon Valley is a living nightmare
Kushner Assures Worried Ivanka They’d Definitely Be Last Jews To Go
Georgia’s secretary of state Brian Kemp doxes thousands of absentee voters
Upcoming ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Expansion Allows Players To Experience Story From Horse’s Perspective
Harley-Davidson bets its future on the LiveWire electric motorcycle
These women-led startups are fighting patriarchy with pockets
Pistachio-Eating Man Achieves ‘Flow’ State
Samsung's foldable phone is real and opens into a tablet - CNET
This cookware startup wants to take on Le Creuset, All-Clad, and Mauviel
Report Finds J. Geils Band’s ‘Centerfold’ Will Outlast You And All That You Create In This Life
Samsung’s new One UI software will make giant phones much easier to use
These photos capture the dark side of the luxury condo racket
Bored J.B. Pritzker Brainstorming New Hobbies To Blow Money On After Winning Election
Walmart’s Black Friday deals include big price cuts on PS4, Xbox One X, smartphones, and more
Better Late Than Never: Buzz Aldrin Has Announced That He Forgot To Tell Anyone He Saw A Fox On The Moon
China implements tech that can detect people by the way they walk
AI News Anchors Have Debuted In China, And The Future Is Finally Here
Trump Unveils Reelection Campaign Plan To Drive Bus Into Crowds Across Country
RealtimeBoard, a visual collaboration platform for companies, raises $25M led by Accel
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