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Bride And Groom Clearly Have Not Kissed Much
Elon Musk built a “submarine” to rescue Thailand kids—here’s what it looks like
Dig into an Incredible Compendium of Objects Excavated from the Bottom of Amsterdam’s Amstel River
5 Religious Movies (That Make Religion Look Crazy And Awful)
Ford is saying goodbye to cars and hello to batteries
6 Sneaky Ways Movies Foreshadowed Huge Twists
Japan is spending years making one train line a minute faster
Outstanding Portraits and Self-Portraits with Laura Zalenga
Samsung’s new India phone factory is ‘world’s largest’
Contrasts Between Nature and Urbanity by Al Mefer
Watch Elon Musk's Thai cave rescue submarine in action - CNET
Through the Lens of Dimitar Karanikolov
Timehop discloses July 4 data breach affecting 21 million
Random Inspiration 345
Starbucks will ditch plastic straws for fancy designer lids - CNET
The most valuable person you haven’t hired yet
Crypto and venture’s biggest names are backing a new distributed ledger project called Oasis Labs
If Apple Made a Smart Mirror, This is What it Would Look Like
Meet the telescope that may soon show you an exo-eclipse
Co.Design joins
Drake’s Scorpion pulls in over 1 billion streams in its first week
This $56 glass shatters the biggest myth about wine
Apple’s Shortcuts will flip the switch on Siri’s potential
Academic publishing is broken. Here’s how to redesign it
Why the hardest special effect on A Quiet Place was corn
The secret to happy UX, according to a legendary game designer
An immodest proposal: it’s time for scooter superhighways
Cool off vicariously with these incredible photos of pools
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