Top30News - most popular in social media for 12 February 2018
Italian Grandmother Doesn’t Have Heart To Tell Family Any Dipshit Can Make Lasagna
New DNA nanorobots successfully target and kill off cancerous tumors
Official Portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald
Study Finds Cats Only Meow When They Want To Alert Owner Of Neighbor’s Murder They Witnessed Through Window
OxyContin maker Purdue will no longer market opioid drugs to doctors
A Studio Interview with Embroidery Portrait Artist Cayce Zavaglia
Olympic Drug Testing Official Left Horribly Disfigured After Coming Into Contact With Russian Urine
Chamillionaire is a presentation genius, has a new app
A New Material Called “Superwood” Is Just As Strong As Steel
Cities Move To Outlaw Hollow-Point Silver Bullets After Wave Of Gruesome Werewolf Slayings
Samsung is finally updating its terrible emoji
A Lovely Classical Cover of Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry’ Played by Sheku Kanneh-Mason
Nation Praying For Super Nasty Luge Accident
Android P will reportedly have a new look and embrace the notch
Drawing May Have Helped Humans Develop As A Species
Report: Whoa, Last Person On Treadmill Ran 8 Miles
Altered Carbon’s Blade Runner rehash misses the point of cyberpunk
Modern Interpretations of Old Hollywood
Detective Refuses To Pry Into Circumstances Of Murder Out Of Respect For Deceased
Our musical tastes peak as teens, says study
Elon Musks Shares Final Photo Of ‘Starman’ In Tesla Before It Flies To Mars
Quentin Tarantino Calls Uma Thurman Accident Biggest Regret Of His Life
Verizon is locking its phones down to combat theft - CNET
Download The Awesome iMac Pro Wallpapers Straight To Your Phone
Bannon: #MeToo Movement Could Spell End For Trump
Outdoorsy, the ‘Airbnb of RVs,’ rolls up $25 million in fresh funding
Striking Photo Series Exploring Identity
Lego Dad
Scientists at Russian nuclear research facility arrested for mining cryptocurrency
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