Top30News - most popular in social media for 12 August 2019
Pentagon Awards Oscar Mayer $102 Million Contract For New Military-Grade Hot Dog With All The Fixings
On World Elephant Day, Jane Goodall calls for Canada ivory ban - CNET
Elaborate Embroidery by Laura Baverstock Forms Insects and Animals from Precious Metals and Colored Threads
Solitary Pretzel Rolling Through Ghost Town All That Remains From 1800s California Rold Gold Rush
Through the Eye of Illustrator Mügluck
Man Worried He Has Nothing In Common With Friend Group Apart From Murder They Covered Up 10 Years Ago
Perseid meteor shower 2019: How to watch the fireballs hit their August peak - CNET
Dedicated Tesla Owner Implants an RFID Chip to Make Her Arm a Key
Nation Informs Body-Positive Advertisers It Ready To Go Back To Staring At Unattainably Attractive People
The Lion King overtakes Frozen as Disney's biggest animated movie ever - CNET
When should you visit the national parks? This data viz shows how to avoid the crowds
Study Finds Healthy Lifestyle Can Cut Risk Of Developing Alzheimer’s By 60%
US Navy will scrap touchscreen controls on its destroyers
Random Inspiration 398
Seth Moulton Spends Afternoon By Radio To See If They Play Campaign Ad
Astronomers watched a neutron star 'glitch' and can't yet explain it - CNET
The community hub of the future isn’t a library or a shopping center. It’s city hall
5 Dumb Things The Mega-Rich Blew Their Fortunes On
Security researchers find that DSLR cameras are vulnerable to ransomware attack
I spent a day riding a bike made entirely of old Nespresso pods
5 Real Medical Stories That Are Pure Skin-Crawling Horror
3D-printing organs moves a few more steps closer to commercialization
Nike’s first shoe subscription, two years in the making, is here
Russia demands Google stop advertising 'illegal' protests on YouTube
The battle for India’s $32 billion furniture market heats up
Google’s Pixel 4 will likely have a 20x zoom camera
Microsoft drops one-off Office licenses from its Home Use Program
The US Navy says no to touchscreens—maybe automakers should too
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