Top30News - most popular in social media for 22 May 2020
A True Miracle: This Woman Just Gave Birth To A Nintendo Switch
John Krasinski’s adorable YouTube series ‘Some Good News’ is moving to CBS All Access
This Japanese Zoo is Using Stuffed Capybaras to Visualize Social Distancing
German Soccer League Simulates Presence Of Fans By Pumping Racial Slurs Into Stadiums
Microsoft Solitaire turns 30 years old today and still has 35 million monthly players
Precise Angular Stitches Encase Found Twigs in Natalie Ciccoricco’s New Embroideries
Quarantine Leading To More People Taking In Foster Gimps
Futurama's Bender makes for a bad-tempered smart speaker - CNET
Women in Motion Energize Dreamy Photographs by Kylli Sparre
Raspberry Self-Conscious About Amount Of Body Hair
Coronavirus not easily spread by touching surfaces or objects, CDC says - CNET
A New Hydroponic Planter Imprints Houseplants with Tessellating Root Systems
Frustrated CEO Admits Pfizer Discovered Coronavirus Vaccine Months Ago But Still Can’t Agree On Ad Campaign
Google removes QAnon apps from Play Store for violating terms - CNET
A Kinetic Sculpture by Felipe Pantone Slides into a Hypnotizing Kaleidoscope of Color
NFL Reminds Black Coaches They’ll Get Their Chance Once League Runs Out Of Grudens And Shanahans
Just turning your phone on qualifies as searching it, court rules
Beautiful Movie Posters Illustrated by Shinoj Padmanabhan
FiveThirtyEight Releases New Analytics Model Predicting Who Coronavirus Will Vote For
See SpaceX Crew Dragon and Falcon 9 go vertical on the launchpad - CNET
When the Beach Becomes a Playground
10 Things That Will Make You SUPER Nostalgic For The ’90s
A second stimulus check is in the works. How much you could get with Round 2 - CNET
Spectacular Design of a Korean Shopping Center 
11 Simple Cocktails Recipes To Try While Quarantining
Google Maps will highlight accessible locations with a wheelchair icon
Is your state really ready to reopen? Check this map
What To Know About The Flooding In Michigan
The science behind human irrationality just passed a huge test
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