Top30News - most popular in social media for 30 July 2020
Ellen: ‘I Never Intended To Make Staff Feel Unsafe By Wearing A Bloodied Ram Skull And Stalking Them With A Hatchet’
The Weeknd will perform in a virtual TikTok concert on August 7th
Science-Inspired Ink by Michele Volpi Blurs the Line Between Tattoo and Textbook
Hopefully Neighborhood Children Enjoy 2004 Coding Textbook Man Added To Lending Library
Trump on Twitter suggests delaying November election - CNET
Myriad Layers of Intricately Cut Paper Construct Architectural Sculptures by Artist Michael Velliquette
Kanye Forced To Sleep In Separate Hyperbaric Chamber After Kim Kicks Him Out Of Geodesic Dome
‘Instagram can hurt us’: Mark Zuckerberg emails outline plan to neutralize competitors
Jokes aside, is the new Space Force logo any good? 5 design experts weigh in
Jimmy Carter Added To Mount Rushmore After Becoming 5th Former President To Bowl Perfect 300
Panasonic boosts energy density, trims cobalt in new 2170 battery cell for Tesla
‘I don’t really have a choice’: L.A. garment workers are risking their lives to sew masks
Brian Kemp Pushes Against Coronavirus Restrictions By Moving All Government Business To Packed Indoor Pool
Playing 'Flight Simulator' at home feels like meditation
This smart speaker is like Alexa for disaster relief
Scientists Locate Impact Crater From Asteroid That Destroyed Roman Empire
Jeff Bezos can’t promise Amazon employees don’t access independent seller data
Who does historic preservation really benefit?
Rob Manfred Frustrated MLB Season Falling Apart Despite All The Energy He Put Into Wishing It Wouldn’t
Google is releasing a free phone backup tool for iOS
How the world’s most advanced biohazard labs could prevent the next pandemic
Bryan Cranston’s Teen Harem Headlines Our All-Libel Issue
Huawei takes Samsung's crown as world's No. 1 phone maker, analyst says - CNET
These pop-up kits turn kids into architects of their own playgrounds
Enough With Empty Social Media Challenges Already
Extra $600 CARES Act unemployment benefit ends July 31: Here's where things stand - CNET
Tech CEOs Testify Before Congress In Antitrust Hearing
7 myths about face masks you shouldn't believe - CNET
Teens In India Discover Asteroid Near Mars
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