Top30News - most popular in social media for 22 May 2020
This Japanese Zoo is Using Stuffed Capybaras to Visualize Social Distancing
Precise Angular Stitches Encase Found Twigs in Natalie Ciccoricco’s New Embroideries
Women in Motion Energize Dreamy Photographs by Kylli Sparre
A New Hydroponic Planter Imprints Houseplants with Tessellating Root Systems
A Kinetic Sculpture by Felipe Pantone Slides into a Hypnotizing Kaleidoscope of Color
Beautiful Movie Posters Illustrated by Shinoj Padmanabhan
When the Beach Becomes a Playground
Spectacular Design of a Korean Shopping Center 
Is your state really ready to reopen? Check this map
7 weird, wonderful, ingenious ideas for dispensing hand sanitizer
Are clothes about to get more expensive?
7 ways flying could change in the age of COVID-19 (and 1 way it definitely won’t)
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