Top30News– most popular in social media for 18 June 2017
The Secret Good President Trump Is Doing For America
Sweden’s Museum of Failures pays homage to products that flopped
5 Mistakes You Make When Trying To Talk About Your Problems
Steven Furst’s role on Babylon 5 was a remarkable example of a sci-fi sidekick
Classic Father’s Day Secrets
Six members of president Trumps advisory council on HIV/AIDs have resigned
Father’s Day Secrets
Jupiter is the oldest planet in the Solar System
6 Disney Scenes That Are Way More Tragic Than You Realized
Drones keep dropping drugs and porn into prisons
Donald Trump Hates Trumpcare, CNN Is Dumb - SOME NEWS
Elon Musk suggests L.A. Mayor open to Boring Co. tunnel network
7 Horrifying Pest Infestations You Had No Clue Were Possible
You won’t be able to use your Surface Book if you want to take the bar in Tennessee
10 Crowdfunded Products That Really Work (See For Yourself)
Cloud Foundry makes its mark on the enterprise
'The Daily Show' celebrates the tweets of Donald Trump in new exhibit
Verizon's first LTE-only handset is an LG flip phone
11 books to read while you wait for season 2 of Handmaid’s Tale
Your Amazon login can sign you into HBO Now and Showtime apps
Yes, I know my hot dog phone case is thicc; no, it doesn’t have a battery inside
Insomniac's 'Spider-Man' gets what it means to be Peter Parker
Monsanto bets on AI to protect crops against disease
The human sacrifice diet
YouTube announces four new steps that it’s taking to combat extremist content
Here are all the panels from TechCrunch Sessions: Justice
Hackers stole credit card data from Buckle stores' cash registers
What fathers do
Facebook and Google have some special features to help you celebrate Father’s Day
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