Top30News - most popular in social media for 14 May 2019
AT&T promised 7,000 new jobs to get tax break—it cut 23,000 jobs instead
Google Assistant finally controls Sonos speakers
Apple’s new TV app is still terrible for actually watching TV on iPhones
Slack aims to be the most important software company in the world, says CEO
'Invader Zim' and 'Rocko's Modern Life' movies are coming to Netflix
One video led to YouTube’s biggest makeup vlogger losing millions of subscribers
Disney takes full control of Hulu in deal with Comcast
WhatsApp exploit let attackers install government-grade spyware on phones
Drugmakers hiked prices 1,000% in massive price-fixing scheme, states allege
Comcast is giving Disney full control of Hulu
White House wants $1.6 billion extra for NASA to accelerate astronaut return to the Moon
Apple chargers are getting hit by Trump’s trade war
AliveCor’s FDA-cleared 6-lead ECG aims to detect more than the Apple Watch - CNET
USPS vehicles have been catching on fire for years with no recall, report says - Roadshow
'Star Trek' Picard spin-off will hit Amazon for global streaming
Lenovo shows off the world’s first foldable PC
Hyundai will build an EV using electric hypercar startup Rimac’s tech
Mapping Notre Dame’s unique sound will be a boon to reconstruction efforts
Apple: The App Store isn't a monopoly 'by any metric'
Apple releases iOS 12.3, macOS 10.14.5, watchOS 5.2.1, and tvOS 12.3
Trump administration proposes another $1.6 billion for Moon efforts
Adobe’s Photoshop for the iPad is taking beta test applications
Lenovo is working on a ThinkPad with a foldable display
Disney takes full control of Hulu as Comcast steps aside
The OnePlus 7 Pro has a 90Hz screen, three cameras, and costs $669
Spotify is testing its own version of Stories called ‘Storyline’
Uber’s stock plunges for a second straight day
The 37 most gut-wrenching Game of Thrones deaths, ranked - CNET
Walmart announces next-day delivery on 200K+ items in select markets
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